$401 - $500

pipe camera repairs/reterminations

There are lots of brands of these and we're willing to work with any. We have a fair amount of experience with the Electric Eel brand from doing re-terminations and repairs for a rental company. We're familiar with sonde locators and how to test them. We also have supply lines for new push rod cables if the kink is too far from the end, we can replace the whole line.

Highway/Traffic Sign repair

We have only repaired a couple of these but would be happy to repair more. We can repair the controller box if it's failed and we can repair/refurbish the sign itself. Old lights can be replaced with newer LED lights, rewiring is possible on older signs. You may be able to get more life out of an older, better built unit than a new offshore one. Consider how long it lasted the first time before it failed.

Coats Motor Control PCB Repair part# 8114053, 8114002, 8113903, 8113074

We've got the parts, schematics and experience to repair these for you.

Part Number 8114053, 8114002, 8113903, 8113074.

From what we can gather, these were used in a number of machines from about 2005, they replaced the smaller boards that had the Crydom modules on them. The part number for item 95 "Motor Control Board" in the parts list changes depending on which revision of manual you have and the publish date leading us to believe that his part superceded 8111879.

Sonix Data Aquisition Card, Winspect, AccuScan

This is leftover from a contract to repair some Accuscan NDT Computer based testing units. A quick google on it reveals it will also work with Winspect software. It's old school but they were very reliable and rugged. It worked when I pulled it but now that I've found it in my storeroom I don't have a system to test it in. I'll accept a return with full refund if it's dead.

PRICE: $500.00

Here is the SONIX STR100 card specifications (from an NI forum post)


We just finished one of these last week, it had been "over exerted" and one of the solenoids was burnt and inoperative. The solution was pretty straight forward, we rewound the solenoid coil and while we had it we replaced the trigger switch and a damaged relay. These are big heavy units so if you're on the west coast and don't want to ship it all the way back to Reid in Quebec for repairs give us a call. We can probably save you a bundle in shipping and have your unit back to you days or weeks faster than sending it east.

Heidenhain BE412B Monitor

We can repair the circuit boards if there is a fault and we can replace the CRT if it has become dim and/or unfocused. Before you consider buying the replacement LCD unit for thousands, consider that the lamps in an LCD only last 3-5 years, replacing the CRT in your unit will last 10-15 and the cost is lower!