Industrial voltage 208V

Coats touch panel assembly repair for Model 1250-3dv, 85000049

This is an assembly of parts that includes the following:

85000116 - Single Board Computer
85000398 - Touch Panel
85000393 - Lexan Shield
85000392 - LCD Kit
85000049 - LCD Driver
85000115 - AC - DC Converter (actually it's a DC - AC Inverter)

We can repair the power supply section of the LCD driver, we can replace lamps or repair the LCD panel and we can repair the Inverter.

We suggest you sent the entire assembly.

Penta Drive

This common drive is found everywhere and is not difficult to repair. Our customers usually have a spare and we repair the damaged one to return to the stock room.

Heidenhain BE412B Monitor

We can repair the circuit boards if there is a fault and we can replace the CRT if it has become dim and/or unfocused. Before you consider buying the replacement LCD unit for thousands, consider that the lamps in an LCD only last 3-5 years, replacing the CRT in your unit will last 10-15 and the cost is lower!

Eltek Multicharger

These are built by Voigt and Haeffner.

We've been repairing these for years for various BMW and Mini dealerships so we know our way around them pretty well. From time to time we do have reconditioned units for sale, if you would like a spare for your shop drop us an email.