We've been doing Non Destructive Testing equipment for more than 5 years now, we started with the older Accuscan systems and have moved forward from there. We're familiar with a selection of Miz, Epoch and Panametrics units and can repair thermocouple spot welders, and other small electronic tools.

By and far, the largest amount of work we get from the NDT community is the repair or duplication of cables and umbilicals. We have a large selection of cable ends in stock including Lemo, microdot, BNC, TNC, Amphenol, Molex and Cannon. If you've got cables that come back from the field damaged or, worse, intermittant, then we can help. We have a reasonable hourly rate for cable repair and we have a microscope so that the tiny connectors aren't a problem to put together. We have suppliers and sources for almost all cable ends and we are happy to duplicate a cable, a set or an entire umbilical if you'd like your field crew to have a backup, just in case.