PAL, GAL, Eprom programming

We've got some really old programmers here at JRElectronics. from the 80's that

We've collected a variety of programmers over the years from one of the original Needham ISA programmer to an 80's vintage Stag PAL programmer. These are most often purchased to get a particular job done and then shelved for future use. We even still own a UV light eraser for those old EPROM ICs with windows in them. If you are in need of having an IC programmed or duplicated and it is just too old for your modern programmer then we may be able to help. One particular area that we can cover is PAL/GAL programming using the Stag ZL30-32 logic programmer. It has gotten us out of a jam several times. We can burn new IC's from a file if you have it or we can read and create a file and duplicate ICs if you send us a good copy.

Our programmer collection gives us several different ways to program just about anything.

If you are in need of vintage IC programming give us a call, our rates are reasonable and we can help you get that older piece of gear repaired.

PAL/GAL programming

PIC programming

EPROM programming

Stag ZL30-32 GAL/PAL logic programmer