Xantrex Prosine 3.0

We've got close to 100 hours invested in three of these. We've drawn schematics of the DC-AC module and the drive circuits on the mainboard. We've developed a method of repairing them that includes checking all of the drive circuits and signals. We then connect the module so we can monitor it as we increase the input voltage from a current limited outside source. Once we have it running at the designated DC input voltage (215VDC) we monitor the waveform to ensure a clean stable sine wave output.

We've found a set of components that degrade over time and cause the sine wave to be noisy at the peak (see photo). We believe this is the cause of the modules eventual demise. If your unit has a dirty waveform then contact us and allow us to repair the module at a modest cost before it burns up and takes out the drive circuits on the mainboard. If you're handy and can remove the DC-AC module yourself you can save some shipping costs by sending it alone for repair.

If your unit has failed it will likely need a rebuild of the DC-AC unit as well as some repair work to the drive circuits (see photo). We will need the whole unit shipped for this process.

Xantrex Prosine 3000
Noisy output waveform due to failing DC-AC module.
Clean sine wave after AC-DC module repaired.
Inverter Drive Circuits on mainboard.
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Prosine 3.0
Prosine 2.5