We just finished one of these last week, it had been "over exerted" and one of the solenoids was burnt and inoperative. The solution was pretty straight forward, we rewound the solenoid coil and while we had it we replaced the trigger switch and a damaged relay. These are big heavy units so if you're on the west coast and don't want to ship it all the way back to Reid in Quebec for repairs give us a call. We can probably save you a bundle in shipping and have your unit back to you days or weeks faster than sending it east.

Barge Light Repair, BGLED888

We repaired a bunch of these for barges on the Fraser River here in BC. What we found is that the units were corroding and the upper circuit board was shot but the rest of the unit was salvageable. We simply designed and had made replacement circuit boards that the LEDs mount to. We also have switches and daylight sensing circuits.

If you've got a box of these that have failed send them in, we can rebuild them for a fraction of the cost of new.

CRC 32V Inverter

This unit was paired with the LaMarch Charger in a marine application. It's built like a brick house, we replaced some old worn out components, replaced the meter and put new wire leads on it and it's ready to serve another 30 years.

Tadano TR-500XL

This is the relay cabinet that operates the crane. We were able to repair some bad connections and replace some worn out relays and save the customer a large chunk of cash (over buying a new cabinet)